live set @ meme

26 11 2011

youtube has graced me with an upgrade so now i can put some longer stuff up. heres my set (until the battery ran out) from meme in nottingham 15/11/11.  a couple of sections of 3/8 time in there but unfortunately not the jeff mills style crescendo piece, gonna have to get that off the audio an get it posted up too…..



new genre created!!

8 09 2011

maybe? i never heard this kind of thing anyway. please people correct me if im getting over excited…..

anyways been wondering how to do something with footwork, i like it but its irritating most of the time, the cut up, repeated pitched vocal thing, uurrrghhhh!!! rank. so short repetitive kinda itchy yes but different somehow. then i happened upon this idea:

syncopatien A

so yeah kinda techno, kinda footwork but 3 step over 4 step basically

also did

syncopatien B

this ones 5 step over 4 step with a bit of 7 over 4. not as easy to get into but still working on the protracted techno theory. that being that you just need 4-4 and hang anything off it in any direction. so im stripping that further to be just 4 time for a snare (and kinda the hats) but keeping repetition as the focus.

im gonna do a load more in the 3 over 4 version cos i think thats got legs. im gonna try other off timings too as its something ive been into for ages, only did these tracks for the bleep filtered competition and wanted to do something “different”, and easy to work vocals to as timings not really an issue, you just lay anything on top an it kinda seems in time.

so whats the genre?


watch this space for a load more.

rave factory round 2!

8 09 2011

yes i got through to the second round – techno be its name. no i didnt make the ‘in the beginning there was a sine wave’ tune. realised very quickly that its gonna take a long time and a lot of editing that one…….

also realised my eleventh hour attempt was as weak as the proverbial weak object so went for a solid contender i had in reserve. a great rolling techno tune that i had to slow down by 10 bpm to get under the 160bpm speed limit!!

get dead

vote at this link above !

the next round is 6th september – 2 step garage mutant bass. might just have to start editing on a computer soon cos thats gonna be a hard one to do live….

i love kanji kinetic and that whole bassline kinda style, so looking foward to this but like i say, tough one to do right and theres a few people on the line up that’ll make a killer job of it i think – junglismonk and killerbomb.