headcleaner and urban exploration tracks on new dead channel compilation

8 10 2012

Haikyo is the new compilation on dead channel records put together by micoland (also aka conflux) who i work with on on the urban exploration project. this release revolves around the idea of urban exploration and is a mix of live urban exploration sets and studio tunes by the members, giving an idea of where urban exploration comes from and how many parts make something very different in a whole.
download haikyo free and get more info here


rave factory final!!

11 12 2011

ok so its the final – one track ‘rave pop’ – one track ‘experimental dance’

i struggled to get the rave pop out of the 80s – so yeah, its an 80s ravepop tune!

the experimental dance is a syncopatien number as to be expected for me at the moment as i cant leave it alone!

anyway vote here

its the number of downloads that determine the outcome an the prize is a vinyl release!!! so if you want to see headcleaner vinyl out there, please vote!

rave factory round 2!

8 09 2011

yes i got through to the second round – techno be its name. no i didnt make the ‘in the beginning there was a sine wave’ tune. realised very quickly that its gonna take a long time and a lot of editing that one…….

also realised my eleventh hour attempt was as weak as the proverbial weak object so went for a solid contender i had in reserve. a great rolling techno tune that i had to slow down by 10 bpm to get under the 160bpm speed limit!!

get dead

vote at this link above !

the next round is 6th september – 2 step garage mutant bass. might just have to start editing on a computer soon cos thats gonna be a hard one to do live….

i love kanji kinetic and that whole bassline kinda style, so looking foward to this but like i say, tough one to do right and theres a few people on the line up that’ll make a killer job of it i think – junglismonk and killerbomb.