‘select archive’ released

16 07 2012

many thanks to oli at www.jehmrecords.com – ‘select archive’ is a collection of tracks from back when i had a monomachine and a machinedrum and therefore the ability to write tunes in a normal structured fashion! i have a pile of unreleased tunes from then and this seemed a great opportunity to get some of these out there on a free release.

‘select archive’ is then oli’s pick of those tracks that i havent had earmarked already, remastered and available at his fledgling netlabel alongside some great mixes and albums, all downloadable for free.


download the album here   –

Select Archive


modularis review

7 03 2012

so ive just finished putting the video clips together and sending everyone their audio and ive even put some cables back in my modular! great day had by all and a great variety of folk there too. new faces and known faces, experts and amateurs, and a good few who just like the idea of it all! people came from as far as worcester, liverpool, oxford and newcastle and all left smiling – great sets by all really showcasing just how modular can be twisted into doing anything….

heres a clip video i did, audio (in order) dan p, umcorps, ian boddy/norman phay, diffuse, headcleaner

i also did some individual vids of the sets which can be easily found on my

youtube channel

certainly full circle is the venue for it, good food and drinks, comfortable and easy going, already got the next one booked for sept. 29th and its going on till 2am this time for those ravers in the room!

rave factory round 5 !!

14 11 2011

well i got through!!

good job too cos “hard as nails” – being the title of the round – i can do!

the tune ive done is experimental hardcore if i were to give it a genre – its got the 3 over 8 time structure, noise, distortion, awkwardness and harsh vocal, speeding up,  a kind of mindless, relentless, madness ….yes – hard as nails

vote here:

kurden gesn

dont know if theres another round so please vote!!!

rave factory d’n’b round

22 10 2011

ok so i realised quite quickly that d’n’b is impossible on an 8 step sequencer – so from then i went on a journey into what i thought was a bit like the essence of liquid d’n’b….or something…struggled ill say, nearly got on a chase and status singing vibe but listening back got the better of me. this isnt d’n’b basically, not at all really. the judges comments said as much. but….it is a nice tune, just not d’n’b

anyway my “d’n’b” entry is:



its knock out time in the competition now too so this may be the end of the road!!!

next round is (thankfully) ‘hard as nails’ though – something that i can do!! just played at tinnitus in sheffield tonight – maybe put a chunk of that set up as the tune……..

urban exploration live video

27 09 2011

audio – live from bridgnorth festival. video by micoland.

chinese whispers project

21 07 2011

this is the title of a remix project im involved with for interakt records . ive just sent them a bunch of sounds and short loops, these get sent on to the next producer, he makes his mark, then to the next and then once more to someone to pull it together into a tune to be pressed onto vinyl along with another 3 tunes done via the same process.

this is all in aid of ‘youth music’ a charity using music to help disadvantaged children. folk on board:

1.  Si Begg (Nooldles, Mosquito, Tresor)
2.  Carl Finlow (Device, SCSI-AV)
3.  Headcleaner (Terra Recordings, Rephlex)
4.  Cursor Miner  (Lo Recordings, Uncharted Audio, Combat)
5.  Baconhead    (Acroplane, Umbrelladelika Recordings)
6.  Pathic         (Pyramid Transmissions)
7.  Kero (Detroit Underground, Shitkatapult, Neo Ouija)
8.  Monster X      (Combat, Tigerbeat 6)
9.  Tim Exile     (Planet Mu, Beta Recordings, Warp)
10. Flint Kids    (Interakt)
11. Proem (Merck,n5MD)
 12. Otto Von Schirach  90%   (Schematic, Cock Rock Disco)
13. ADJ (Touching Bass, Pyramid transmissions)
14. Scanone    (Yellow Machines, Combat)
15. Anklepants      (QWERTY, Interakt)
+one more as yet unconfirmed

i dunno yet who my parts will be sent to, its all gonna be quite a surprise in the final play i think!!

im also gonna pass the same parts onto a different selection of remixers just for fun to see just how disperate (or not) the results are.

rave idol update/voting

20 07 2011

ok so its not called rave idol – that was last time. its rave factory. anyways audition was aired, they listened to my tune and….. not a bad word to be said! since i didnt tell them how id made my tunes was quite nice to hear that the production was “as it should be” and that “there some really interesting drum editing going on”. i cant edit or post produce so shows the modular theory is passable!!

good, intelligent comments from the panel on all the tunes actually and well worth a listen from an educational perspective to see how your feelings on the tracks compare as far as production, arrangment etc. – there are 29 tunes quite varied, and its 2 an half hours mind!!

anyways deal is to vote you have to buy the track for 23p which is split twixt artist and ill fm. if anyone wants to vote for me/buy the track you can do it here

next round is techno so im working on a track for then (everyone has to put a track in whether you get voted on or not) titled something like ‘in the beginning there was a sine wave’.  wack title but thats the lyric anyway. tell you what, wait for the tune eh? 10th august.