rave factory round 5 !!

14 11 2011

well i got through!!

good job too cos “hard as nails” – being the title of the round – i can do!

the tune ive done is experimental hardcore if i were to give it a genre – its got the 3 over 8 time structure, noise, distortion, awkwardness and harsh vocal, speeding up,  a kind of mindless, relentless, madness ….yes – hard as nails

vote here:

kurden gesn

dont know if theres another round so please vote!!!


rave factory round 2!

8 09 2011

yes i got through to the second round – techno be its name. no i didnt make the ‘in the beginning there was a sine wave’ tune. realised very quickly that its gonna take a long time and a lot of editing that one…….

also realised my eleventh hour attempt was as weak as the proverbial weak object so went for a solid contender i had in reserve. a great rolling techno tune that i had to slow down by 10 bpm to get under the 160bpm speed limit!!

get dead

vote at this link above !

the next round is 6th september – 2 step garage mutant bass. might just have to start editing on a computer soon cos thats gonna be a hard one to do live….

i love kanji kinetic and that whole bassline kinda style, so looking foward to this but like i say, tough one to do right and theres a few people on the line up that’ll make a killer job of it i think – junglismonk and killerbomb.

rave idol update/voting

20 07 2011

ok so its not called rave idol – that was last time. its rave factory. anyways audition was aired, they listened to my tune and….. not a bad word to be said! since i didnt tell them how id made my tunes was quite nice to hear that the production was “as it should be” and that “there some really interesting drum editing going on”. i cant edit or post produce so shows the modular theory is passable!!

good, intelligent comments from the panel on all the tunes actually and well worth a listen from an educational perspective to see how your feelings on the tracks compare as far as production, arrangment etc. – there are 29 tunes quite varied, and its 2 an half hours mind!!

anyways deal is to vote you have to buy the track for 23p which is split twixt artist and ill fm. if anyone wants to vote for me/buy the track you can do it here

next round is techno so im working on a track for then (everyone has to put a track in whether you get voted on or not) titled something like ‘in the beginning there was a sine wave’.  wack title but thats the lyric anyway. tell you what, wait for the tune eh? 10th august.