‘select archive’ released

16 07 2012

many thanks to oli at www.jehmrecords.com – ‘select archive’ is a collection of tracks from back when i had a monomachine and a machinedrum and therefore the ability to write tunes in a normal structured fashion! i have a pile of unreleased tunes from then and this seemed a great opportunity to get some of these out there on a free release.

‘select archive’ is then oli’s pick of those tracks that i havent had earmarked already, remastered and available at his fledgling netlabel alongside some great mixes and albums, all downloadable for free.


download the album here   –

Select Archive


rave idol update/voting

20 07 2011

ok so its not called rave idol – that was last time. its rave factory. anyways audition was aired, they listened to my tune and….. not a bad word to be said! since i didnt tell them how id made my tunes was quite nice to hear that the production was “as it should be” and that “there some really interesting drum editing going on”. i cant edit or post produce so shows the modular theory is passable!!

good, intelligent comments from the panel on all the tunes actually and well worth a listen from an educational perspective to see how your feelings on the tracks compare as far as production, arrangment etc. – there are 29 tunes quite varied, and its 2 an half hours mind!!

anyways deal is to vote you have to buy the track for 23p which is split twixt artist and ill fm. if anyone wants to vote for me/buy the track you can do it here

next round is techno so im working on a track for then (everyone has to put a track in whether you get voted on or not) titled something like ‘in the beginning there was a sine wave’.  wack title but thats the lyric anyway. tell you what, wait for the tune eh? 10th august.

rave idol audition

12 07 2011

yes just what it sounds like – but not some simon cowell douche-a-like but instead run by  ill fm on their show, rave factory.  ill fm got some great stuff to stream by people you almost certainly never heard before.

this the 2nd year of rave idol, it be a different genre every month and those involved got that time to submit a tune and then a panel of experts in that field give their opinions round table style, then the listening public make their votes on the web and folk get axed as per usual format… and then vinyl put out for the winner!!

well, my audition is in. tune i entered is they call it acid

be great just to hear some genuine industry style comment on tracks, but well, lets see if i even get to round one!!

show and voting here

amazing headcleaner live video

6 07 2011

this is clip video from 20 years of rephlex @ beaverworks leeds 4-6-11. totally smashed it that night. thanks to rob blake from brown bread films for sorting this. always been a problem trying to capture how live it is but this does so for sure…

headcleanersound launch!

21 06 2011

so here it is then, first post of headcleanersound. this is where all info and updates will be for everything headcleaner related! itll be a while before this has all that info/works right/ looks right and gets up to speed. those who know me will know i dont like computers…..