this is home for my modular designs and projects

at mo just some videos of past projects….

magnox modular no.1 – made this for liam at senseless records, comprises sequencer with clock, ssm2044 filter, squareosc with divider/mixer(shown again below) and 2nd simple osc.

dub siren! made this just to kinda see if it was something dub folk might be into. idea was to make something with a bit more variety. its got a four step sequencer so very simple basslines or more interesting alarm sounds can be made…

this next one is actually the precursor to the dubsiren – slightly more complex with an ssm2044 filter on it, filter has its own lfo. it also had a dual mode (at end video) so could be used as a dubsiren and filterbox . (apologies for terrible video quality)

this little thing i called the gretch –   real basic circuit of 2 555 timers.

eurorack module i made – radio interference oscillator. badass. made of some hacked bits which i tried to replicate in component form to get so it would be more usable, 1v/oct and not interfering with everything else! but couldnt get it right. not yet anyway. something to work on i think though (again apologies for video – first one i made!)

eurorack module – (part of magnox no.1) 555 timer through dividers and mixed together. simple and effective! although obviously 555 timers dont sound too hot really. im gonna just make a divider network for a better oscillator instead. good rave type sounds though!

next – a lesson in frustration . this took me 3 weeks every day and after working for 5 mins died. i then tore some hair out and eventually got it back. veroboarding something this big is not a good idea. and since i made it with 555 timers i dont even use it now. however as the doubledeka shows this can be done very well and is again something to go back to in the future i think.

a eurorack double ssm2044 filter called the ‘vorm’ – series or parallel configuration with a 555 audio rate modulator which can take modulation itself from the filter cv in. i was trying to get some vocal formant sounds and ssm2044 are so easy to use. the 2nd cv in is inverted to create a sort of spacing control  ive now got rid of the series option as i never used it and put in a mix control of the 2 filters instead.

interesting demo of homemade spring reverbs – literally a speaker glued to a spring glued to a contact mike (piezo buzzer). dont use them live though as they feedback on a big soundsystem.


6 responses

5 08 2011

Great stuff…really like the spring reverbs!


5 08 2011

LOL the radio interference oscilator is definitly my favourite proper mental!!

3 09 2011

If you play all the videos at once it sounds really cool.

9 11 2011
Ben Eyes

love this stuff mate!

6 04 2012

wow great work man I love your synths : they are alive.

12 09 2012

spring reverb sounds sweet as!

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