mass collaboration gig

6 07 2012

an amazing one off gig for the closing party of jamie reids ragged kingdom exhibition – were playing a 4 hour urban exploration set during which there will be collaboration with a classical opera singer, a spoken word poet, a singer songwriter, a hip hop mc, a modular synthesist and a navajo spirit dancer.

will be a totally unique experience in which were using a giant grade 1 listed hall as a reverb chamber and backdrop to the stage which is in a concert hall-like loading bay with a glass pyramid room, projections and 2 tipis.

unlike anything that has ever happened i think is fair to say…


urban exploration update

27 04 2012

we’re in the midst of a bunch of ambient gigs now (first last night, at a comedy showcase oddly enough) and the format is really coming together. myself, naff dog, dot 9 and micoland have been working at the soundscape/ambient sets for the past few weeks, and tweaking the massive pile of equipment to get the best sound from it.

we’ve taken some extracts from these 2-3hr long jams, a couple have been put up and we will be putting more up and swopping round over time onto the urban exploration pages:

urban exploration – soundcloud

urban exploration –  facebook

permanent links ill put in my links section—

if the kids records have already released some techno tracks that were done partially off the back of ambient works and the idea currently is to do a concept ep , half  ambient jams and half beat driven tracks created out of those jams. we are currently a little stumped in this as we need an 8 channel soundcard to record all the parts seperately in order to best be able to remix the jams, as usual though, moneys too tight to mention.

however as the pure live jams are doing so well we’re also planning a whole soundscape album, something im particularly excited about, and theres talk of film rescores also… big times for ambience

rave factory final!!

11 12 2011

ok so its the final – one track ‘rave pop’ – one track ‘experimental dance’

i struggled to get the rave pop out of the 80s – so yeah, its an 80s ravepop tune!

the experimental dance is a syncopatien number as to be expected for me at the moment as i cant leave it alone!

anyway vote here

its the number of downloads that determine the outcome an the prize is a vinyl release!!! so if you want to see headcleaner vinyl out there, please vote!

headcleaner film soundtrack

11 12 2011

this is rob blakes entry for the film competition run by trinity leeds and left eye blind. there was 2 days given to make a 5 minute film fom start toi finish. i was given the idea – a man is alone on a spaceship which is broken down, spinning off to his inevitable death – and asked to make a soundtrack and some background sounds. a great project to be involved with an i also built the set. it was a crazy couple of days, the final edit had to chopped right down to the 5 mins that was allowed, which is a shame. there will be a longer edit eventually as it could easily be 10 maybe 15 mins to really get the feeling of isolation – this will have some other sections of music i wrote in it also and ill post that when it comes, but for now this is the film in its competition form:

please ‘like’ it on facebook as theres a people favourite prize up for grabs too as well as the main prize to have the film shown across the country as a short before the main feature at everyman cinemas.

in the coming months im going to be working with rob and the rest of the crew on some other shorts, we’re planning (rather ambitiously) to build a full scale stylised town centre in a warehouse, growing the set with each film – an ill be doing the soundtracks and incidental sound, set making an a bit of acting too.

live set drop box!!

27 10 2011

just got back from playing in brussels @ cafe central, great gig with a bunch of folk on various modular setups, great atmosphere…

so i recorded my live set and realised i need somewhere to put these things, ill add extras is i go along and put them in the audio section.

so dropbox links it is.

this is my set fom cafe central

this is a demo i did for plex    im putting this up primarily as its a different kind of set, less banging mainly!!

new genre created!!

8 09 2011

maybe? i never heard this kind of thing anyway. please people correct me if im getting over excited…..

anyways been wondering how to do something with footwork, i like it but its irritating most of the time, the cut up, repeated pitched vocal thing, uurrrghhhh!!! rank. so short repetitive kinda itchy yes but different somehow. then i happened upon this idea:

syncopatien A

so yeah kinda techno, kinda footwork but 3 step over 4 step basically

also did

syncopatien B

this ones 5 step over 4 step with a bit of 7 over 4. not as easy to get into but still working on the protracted techno theory. that being that you just need 4-4 and hang anything off it in any direction. so im stripping that further to be just 4 time for a snare (and kinda the hats) but keeping repetition as the focus.

im gonna do a load more in the 3 over 4 version cos i think thats got legs. im gonna try other off timings too as its something ive been into for ages, only did these tracks for the bleep filtered competition and wanted to do something “different”, and easy to work vocals to as timings not really an issue, you just lay anything on top an it kinda seems in time.

so whats the genre?


watch this space for a load more.

Urban Exploration

8 09 2011

this is a project of improvised collaboration between an ever changing bunch of leeds artists. mainly to try an investigate what can be done with an enormous pile of gear! its great to get people in on my territory as these are all folk who use computers as their tool of trade. with the advent of ableton though they have been using jamming more as a part of the creative process and so this is a good progression into where i see electronic music going.


I know there are some about but i believe this is what will become more common place, and improvisation, from full out freeform jams to more working tweaking sessions is the key to keeping electronic music fresh. anyway enough of the rant, heres a little clip of our first session, headcleaner, kubex, micoland, naffdogg, dot 9 and IV bolus in the mix!

some obvious leftfield/orb influence/sound here, all good though as i think the orb had a great thing going for many years and their live act really stood out as better than their recorded material which i think is the key to keeping electronic music alive