this is home to all my various recorded, internet available audio

 live sets

available from my dropbox

plex demo

cafe central



position normal (2001) is available on rephlex so this is the link:

position normal ep

it was recorded live and was using a nord lead/regelwerk and jomox xbase09 primarily

i did a couple of clip montages  for myspace

i am mono

it is a very varied album style wise recorded live on a monomachine and machinedrum and contains some genuine classics and hopefully one day ill get it produced properly and put some tunes out on vinyl (senseless have talked about this – but it requires me getting a monomachine and machinedrum again….)). it just doesnt get dated….

my first noise

this is a collection of my early stuff around about the time of my involvement with rephlex. not the best recording quality but more of an archive of what i was doing then…

studio tracks

im very much a live performer but for as people have asked for recorded material that could be more considered ‘tunes’ i opened a soundcloud page and worked on a few tunes. this first batch are still recorded live in one take but i took a few takes of them and worked on some structure….

this first one was/is a contender for release on Senseless records for their ‘5 senses of senseless’ project and my favourite to date of this way of working. the finished tune probably be a 3 min edit though.

They Call It Acid

next i have the first syncopation track, an idea which ill be exploring further in the next year, this track is again on the release side of things, for the forth coming album.

Syncoptien A


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