Urban Exploration

8 09 2011

this is a project of improvised collaboration between an ever changing bunch of leeds artists. mainly to try an investigate what can be done with an enormous pile of gear! its great to get people in on my territory as these are all folk who use computers as their tool of trade. with the advent of ableton though they have been using jamming more as a part of the creative process and so this is a good progression into where i see electronic music going.


I know there are some about but i believe this is what will become more common place, and improvisation, from full out freeform jams to more working tweaking sessions is the key to keeping electronic music fresh. anyway enough of the rant, heres a little clip of our first session, headcleaner, kubex, micoland, naffdogg, dot 9 and IV bolus in the mix!

some obvious leftfield/orb influence/sound here, all good though as i think the orb had a great thing going for many years and their live act really stood out as better than their recorded material which i think is the key to keeping electronic music alive





One response

21 09 2011
harney the man with a bit ov your brain

hehe …What a break …dave drops the fookin break ;)….

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