chinese whispers project

21 07 2011

this is the title of a remix project im involved with for interakt records . ive just sent them a bunch of sounds and short loops, these get sent on to the next producer, he makes his mark, then to the next and then once more to someone to pull it together into a tune to be pressed onto vinyl along with another 3 tunes done via the same process.

this is all in aid of ‘youth music’ a charity using music to help disadvantaged children. folk on board:

1.  Si Begg (Nooldles, Mosquito, Tresor)
2.  Carl Finlow (Device, SCSI-AV)
3.  Headcleaner (Terra Recordings, Rephlex)
4.  Cursor Miner  (Lo Recordings, Uncharted Audio, Combat)
5.  Baconhead    (Acroplane, Umbrelladelika Recordings)
6.  Pathic         (Pyramid Transmissions)
7.  Kero (Detroit Underground, Shitkatapult, Neo Ouija)
8.  Monster X      (Combat, Tigerbeat 6)
9.  Tim Exile     (Planet Mu, Beta Recordings, Warp)
10. Flint Kids    (Interakt)
11. Proem (Merck,n5MD)
 12. Otto Von Schirach  90%   (Schematic, Cock Rock Disco)
13. ADJ (Touching Bass, Pyramid transmissions)
14. Scanone    (Yellow Machines, Combat)
15. Anklepants      (QWERTY, Interakt)
+one more as yet unconfirmed

i dunno yet who my parts will be sent to, its all gonna be quite a surprise in the final play i think!!

im also gonna pass the same parts onto a different selection of remixers just for fun to see just how disperate (or not) the results are.




One response

22 07 2011
the skank

sounds like a great project to be involved in!!!!

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