bass bin quandry

6 07 2011

ive had a pair of rcf L18 851KN for 10 years now, they filled in a gap in the old Jungle Terra sound system (one part of Rod Stewarts 1974 european tour rig dont cha know – massive and beautiful but way beyond heavy and not very loud really) they really want to be a part of something great – a new bass bin! quandry is – how to get 2 x 18″ 300w (yes only 300w) into a box small enough to be worthy of its 600w – too big and its annoying (and woont get out of the basement) forum sorting me out here. thats why ive linked it. ive heard people slating the actual plans on the site but the forum is where its at – some serious knowledge there and loads of links to external info. found the datasheet for these ancient drivers for a start! and also to free speaker calculator winISD. endless fun for reflex and 6th order bandpass calculations and comparisons. also pointed me toward push-pull slot loaded design which adds the +3db of bandpass design but allows for compact spacing. nice. not got any actual response curves for them though so wait until the judging out….

seems answer might be to do 2 x small bandpass cabinets (210 L) instead as a twin box may have to be too big to get good low end and that way i can just hack the peavey XT boxes they in now which fits my bill!! poor man style may win out again. gotta love that.




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